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Four thieves trying to rob an abandoned mansion find themselves working together to escape after a mischievous ghost traps them in. They must find their way out before they get stuck haunting the mansion forever. Collect keys to get through locked doors, destroy ghosts with holy waters, and navigate dark rooms with a single flashlight. Experience Ghost Hosts, a four player survival horror exploration game. 

Our game uses Parsec to allow for online multiplayer. Because the game is cooperative, we recommend also calling friends (e.g. using hangouts, messenger) during the game to allow for better coordination.


  • Notes:
    • Only one person (the host) needs to download the game.
  • The host will select 2-Player or 4-Player, using the drop down menu.
  • A verification URL will be generated. The host must enter the URL into the browser to allow Parsec to host the game on their device. 
    • Copy paste the url to make sure you get the full link (try clicking on the text that says "verification url", not the text box).
  • Parsec will tell you they are approved to host games on your behalf! Return to the game, which should have an invite url. Send the url to the people you are playing the game with. They should enter the url into their browser.
    • If the app is open, the game will open in the app. Otherwise, you will be playing in the browser.
    • ***If you are one person or three people and need an extra person to start the game, you can open a new tab and enter the invite url. Parsec will count this as a person.***
  • Once everyone is connected, press START to begin the game! Have fun! :)


    Ghost Hosts singleplayer.zip 86 MB
    p3Gold_Mac 42 MB
    p3Gold_windows 43 MB

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